Our Manifesto


Impact First

Whether working alongside our clients, starting our own ventures or collaborating, we are always laser-focused on creating positive impact. We're not consultants, investors, designers or researchers who are conscientious about the externalities of our work. We consult, invest, design and research purely in service of our impact objective. 

Sympathy brings with it condescension. Empathy is built on humility and a willingness to step out of your own shoes and walk in someone else's. We know that marginalized people understand their needs far better than any outsider ever will. So, we listen. And we learn.

Show empathy, not sympathyShow Empathy Not Sympathy
RhobiSpeak The Truth

We're not afraid to give voice to what we know is right, or best or true. We don't use consultant-speak to cover over uncertainty. We thoughtfully pull back the layers of complexity and ambiguity to reveal the pure truth underneath - whether it is with respect to strategy or impact.

Solutions to complex problems don't come easily or safely. We need to push beyond our comfort zone - and sometimes that of our clients. We are willing to stake our reputation on ideas, people and approaches that challenge the status quo. We take risks knowing that the full force of Dalberg is behind us, ready to catch us if we fail.

BrainstormingEmbrace the Risks
Center locally, reach globallyCenter Locally
Reach Globally

We are equally at home in a boardroom in Bamako, a workshop in Washington and a farm outside Firozabad. Our international reach grounds our work in a deep knowledge and understanding of how local communities are built. And we use our scale, reach and connections to bring many local voices into the most exclusive conversations. 

You don't leave behind a part of yourself when you come to work here - whether it is how you identify, where you come from, the language you speak, the person you love, the way you worship. No matter who you are, you have a sense of belonging here. Dalberg is a home where people feel safe, understood, nurtured and encouraged to grow.

Nairobi officeBring Our
Whole Selves
problems to possibilitiesReframe Problems
As Possibilities 

We don't shy away from problems, we dig deeper. Inherent in every problem is the promise of a solution, and in every solution, the opportunity to create value. We don't see problem-solving as an intellectual exercise. We see it as a moral imperative - to create a world where the concepts of "have and have nots" is a truly foreign and bygone notion.