Dalberg Advisors is a strategic advisory firm that combines the best of private sector strategy skills and rigorous analytical capabilities  with deep knowledge and networks across emerging and frontier markets. We work collaboratively across the public, private and philanthropic sectors to fuel inclusive growth and help clients achieve their goals.

Our global perspectives are firmly rooted in local realities. We have 17 offices across the world and have served clients in more than 90 countries. By combining local knowledge  and international experience, our strategies blend the best global ideas and innovations with the local practicalities and partnerships needed for effective implementation.

Dalberg Advisors



Sustainable infrastructure has the power to bolster the economic growth, resilience, health, and environments of entire nations. We support our clients – governments, private investors, and institutions  – to develop inclusive and sustainable infrastructure in emerging markets.

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Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture today accounts for 10 percent of the global economic output and provides livelihoods for more than 2 billion people in low and middle-income countries. We have worked on over 150 projects advocating, understanding, and helping to solve the problems facing the agriculture sector at a local and international level.

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Education to Employment

The challenge of unemployment in countries around the world   demands innovative and comprehensive education and training solutions to respond to rapidly changing employment needs. Dalberg partners with educational institutions, corporations, foundations, NGOs, and governments to strengthen the education to employment pathway. 

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Meeting the growing demand for food, fresh water, energy, and other resources means finding solutions where human and natural systems meet. Our work recognizes the interdependency of human progress and the environment to protect the world’s most vulnerable people and ecosystems.

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Inclusive Business Growth

We work with companies to reach the four billion people at the base of the pyramid (BoP) – the world’s largest, but poorest, economic group; representing a significantly underserved market. By incorporating the BoP in business value chains, we help clients to reach new markets and understand and identify new potential customers. 

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Inclusive Economic Development

We need inclusive economies that provide economic opportunities for all and allow current – and future – citizens to flourish. Dalberg helps countries and regions develop inclusive growth agendas and programs where all people can benefit from, and participate in, economic growth.

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Gender inequality undermines economic growth, democracy, and human dignity. By shifting social norms, removing legal barriers, and reducing discriminatory practices, countries can empower citizens and achieve remarkable progress. Dalberg works with governments, foundations, NGOs, and companies to empower people of all genders and socioeconomic backgrounds to participate fully in economic, political, and social life.

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Enabling access to affordable energy is a catalyst, not only for economic growth, but for the development of many other services, such as health, education, and transport. Although efforts to increase global access to energy are expanding, we are still some way from meeting SDG7 – universal access to modern energy – by 2030.

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