Our world is rapidly changing. Geopolitical and economic balances are shifting and new multilateral and regional institutions are emerging. In this increasingly complex environment, formulating the right strategy is crucial. We support governments, multilateral organizations, corporations, NGOs, and foundations to design strategies that will maximize their scale, efficiency and impact, either at the organizational level or for specific programs and markets. Our experience spans public, private, and social sectors and includes the creation of: organizational strategies, investment strategies, new initiative designs and program implementation roadmaps.

Layusa Isa-Odidi

Layusa Isa-Odidi is an Associate Partner leading Dalberg’s presence in Melbourne, Australia. She focuses on strategic planning and financing across the areas of education, employment, agriculture, and gender. In doing so, she has advised governments, foundations, Fortune 100 companies, multilateral institutions, bilateral donors, and INGOs

Alexandra Stanek

Alexandra Stanek is an Associate Partner in Dalberg’s Johannesburg office. She is passionate about developing human capital and strengthening employment across the African continent. She also works extensively in industrialization and access to finance, two areas that can help economies unlock growth. Alex has advised businesses, foundations, bilateral organizations, government bodies, and NGOs in their strategy, analysis, and evaluation of projects.

Rym Keramane

Rym is an Associate Partner based in Dakar. Her work covers West and North Africa, and focuses on strategic planning, program design, and implementation. She has experience in inclusive economic development, youth employment and entrepreneurship, agriculture, and ICT.  

Arnaud N'Goran

Arnaud is an Associate Partner and Co-Director of Dalberg’s Abidjan Office. He advises multilateral and bilateral organizations, corporations, foundations, and NGOs on strategy, financial planning and management, market analysis, and monitoring and evaluation. Arnaud’s areas of expertise cover strategic planning, operational management, and business process improvement. His experience spans across sectors and continents. He has led and participated in key engagements in several countries across Europe and Africa.

Shyam Sundaram

Shyam Sundaram is an Associate Partner at Dalberg Advisors and Director of the Washington DC office. Shyam leads our global Talent, Training and Leadership practice area – working with mission-driven organizations and firms to find the best strategies and approaches to attract, activate and unleash their organizational talent. .  Shyam also leads much of our work on strategy and organizational effectiveness and helps clients define a vision, identify optimal organizational structures, and facilitates effective change management processes for large and complex organizations.

Dayoung Lee

Dayoung Lee is an Associate Partner based in Mumbai and a co-lead of the Education to Employment Practice. Her other focus areas include early childhood & youth development, gender, health, ICT and monitoring, evaluation & learning (MEL). She enjoys working at the intersection of strategy and human-centred design and is excited about leveraging technology right to enhance and scale impact.

Kusi Hornberger

Kusi Hornberger is an Associate Partner in the Washington, DC office of Dalberg Advisors. Kusi co-lead’s Dalberg’s impact investing practice area and is particularly passionate about the use of innovative finance and technology to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Indian Americans Donate Time, but Could Donate More Financially

Indian Americans volunteer at nearly double the national average but give substantially less financially. This means the Indian American community is leaving significant social impact on the table as Indian Americans are among the highest earning groups in the US and have tremendous influence here and abroad. This is stated in the first Indiaspora-Dalberg Community Engagement Survey, which serves as a tool to understand the philanthropic behavior of the Indian American community at large.

Cleaning Up Cooking In Urban Kenya With LPG And Bio-ethanol

Today in Kenya, the majority continue to cook with dirty fuels - kerosene, charcoal, and firewood - which cause significant damage to health at a household level and the environment at large. In recent years, clean modern fuels, which significantly reduce these adverse health and environmental impacts, have become increasingly available and cost-competitive in Kenya. Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) penetration has increased rapidly over the past five years, especially in Nairobi.

African Development Bank appoints Yana Kakar to its Presidential Youth Advisory Group

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, May 16, 2018 – The African Development Bank has announced the appointment of Yana Kakar to the Presidential Youth Advisory Group, which provides insights and innovative solutions for creating jobs for Africa’s youth. 

The African Development Bank’s Jobs for Youth in Africa Strategy, which outlines the Group’s objectives, is the largest effort for youth employment in Africa today, and aims to create 25 million jobs and benefit 50 million youth over the next decade by equipping them with the right skills to get decent, meaningful jobs.