From harnessing big data to door-to-door primary research to analytical approaches though participatory methods, Dalberg can employ the appropriate data collection strategy to answer any question. We provide quality primary data and in-depth research to help clients better understand the drivers of complex problems in emerging markets where data and insights are often sparse.




Empowering Women to use the Mobile Internet

In developing countries, the number of unique subscribers using mobile internet has grown from 728 million in 2010 to 1.8 billion in 2014. This growth has profound implications for women’s economic, social, and political empowerment – mobile internet can help women access resources like entrepreneurship opportunities, affordable healthcare, and peer learning platforms.

Identifying Innovative Business Models for Direct-to-Farmer Financing

We conducted primary research with smallholder farmers and facilitated a multi-stakeholder system mapping and design lab to identify innovative business models for direct-to-farmer financing. We also created an innovation agenda for future product development investment.

Studying Smallholder Farmers' Use of Financial Services in Kenya

We conducted a benchmark study for Mercy Corps on the use of financial services by smallholder farmers in Kenya who live on under $2.5 a day. The research focused on the pain points that prevent them from achieving financial health, and their current uses and perceptions of technology.

Evaluating Two Agricultural Inventions in Sub-Saharan Africa

We evaluated the income and nutrition related impact of the two interventions in selected agricultural clusters in Benin, Mali, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania. We interviewed a totally of 4,800 farmers of a specific crop.

Studying the Demand for Off-Grid Electricity in Kenya

We studied the demand for off-grid electricity - and investment costs and potential returns of the sector. The study was conducted in 20 remotely located sites across Kenya reaching 2,000 households, small businesses and institutions.

Evaluating the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program in Rwanda

We completed a baseline study to evaluate the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program in Rwanda. We interviewed around 1,800 farmers from both treatment and comparison cooperatives in 11 districts of Rwanda.

Surveying Digital Payments in Kenya

We completed a baseline survey on an intervention project launched by FSD Kenya to stimulate e-payments. We collected baseline data on initial payments patterns, payments perceptions, and the implications of payments choices to assess levels of change at the end of the study.

Jasper Gosselt

With over 12 years’ experience in consultancy and market research, Jasper is the Research Director of Dalberg Research. He advises private and public sector clients on topics covering marketing, monitoring, market research, traffic and mobility, retail planning and real estate.

Jasper has an MSc in Economic Geography from the University of Utrecht.

Making 5-Minute Inclusive Loans a Reality with "India Stack"

We examined how to make 5-minute inclusive loans, whereby a digital lending system can unlock credit for low income customers, a reality in India. The project presented think tank iSPIRT's "India Stack" as a powerful open digital infrastructure to enable an effective user experience.


The genesis of India Stack can be traced back to the Government of India’s Open API Policy (2015).

Decoding diversity: the financial and economic returns of diversity in tech

Dalberg and Intel released a new report that shows improving ethnic and gender diversity in the U.S. technology workforce represents a massive economic opportunity, one that could create $470 – $570Bn in new value for the tech industry, and could add 1.2 – 1.6% to national GDP.

Growth on this scale would have major implications for both the labor and consumer markets,