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Vanishing Vaquita: Saving the World’s Most Endangered Marine Mammal
With less than 30 vaquitas left in the wild, a new Dalberg authored report for WWF finds that the vaquita could become extinct by the middle of 2018, without immediate action to curb illegal fishing and wildlife trafficking.
ICT Skills for Girls and Women in Southeast Asia
In Southeast Asia, women are employed predominantly in sectors and jobs that require few or no skills in information and communications technologies (ICT). But, as the ongoing digital revolution transforms the region, many of their jobs are at risk of being automated.
Off-grid solar
New Report: Decentralised Renewable Energy is Important for Improving Access to Power, But Policy Gaps and Challenges Impede Growth
A new study details the challenges – and opportunities – the governments of India, Nigeria, Senegal, and Uganda face as they seek to increase access to electricity through off-grid energy solutions.
Looking Beyond Off-Grid Energy to a Holistic Approach to Off-Grid Societies
Dalberg hosted two events on “off-grid societies” around the WEF on Africa in Durban. These events were part of an ongoing series celebrating 10 years of Dalberg on the continent.
Improving Access to Electricity Through Decentralized Renewable Energy
Policy Analysis from India, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda
AIDA, the Action Insights Data platform
Our data platform acts as the bridge between your social development question and the data that holds the answer.
India Stack
The Five-Minute Loan
How India Stack is speeding loans to small businesses
A Group of Visionaries Turn a Dream into Reality
On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of the Women’s Investment Club Senegal over the past year, and look forward to expanding the initiative across Francophone West Africa. To date, 53 women have joined WIC Senegal, with a strong willingness to contribute to inclusive economic growth, and above all, to women’s empowerment.
Haiti cooking
A Simple, Painless Way Governments Can Help the Poor and the Environment
Traditional cookstoves are causing a quiet epidemic among the global poor. Trade ministers have the power to turn the tide of this health epidemic by lowering trade barriers to clean and improved cookstoves.
diaspora map of India
Indian Diaspora Philanthropy
What is holding back diaspora philanthropists?