Privacy in financial services

Dalberg recently hosted a workshop on ‘Privacy in Financial Services’ in collaboration with CGAP and Dvara Research. We brought together fintechs, catalytic funders, banks, policy makers, investors and foundations who collectively brainstormed ideas for how we might better protect consumer data and privacy. The Dalberg Mumbai team put together an interactive exhibit to give participants a taste of how we might better design consent and other privacy related matters.



Participants sign in with their biometrics




Participants have a polaroid photo taken to enter the event


Watching the 30 second video on consent


Watching the 30 second video on consent


Traditional consent


Making sense of traditional consent


Consumer insights on privacy


Sharing consumer insights on privacy.


Opportunities for financial service providers 


Identifying opportunities for financial service providers.


Building on each other's ideas


The participants build on each other's ideas.


A collective pledge to consumer protection


A collective pledge to consumer protection


Learn more about our work on consumer privacy and protection in India.


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