Dalberg Expands its Media Business to Amplify and Influence the Global Development Agenda

Dalberg Media, part of the Dalberg Group, works to influence and amplify the global development agenda through digital and media products, social media campaigns, videos, conferences and events. Its recent initiatives include UNLEASH and the Big BET Initiative. With clients and operations around the world, Dalberg Media currently operates from Copenhagen, Denmark, but from January 2018, will expand operations to London where CEO and founder of Impact Squared, Noa Gafni, will join as a partner.

“Dalberg Media is an increasingly important part of the broader Dalberg Group, allowing us to inform and influence a much wider audience around the world and help shape the global development agenda. This is a timely and exciting addition to their already impressive capabilities”, says James Mwangi, Executive Director of the Dalberg Group.

With this acquisition of Impact Squared, Dalberg Media expands its ability to develop social media strategies, websites, interactive online platforms, visuals and graphics to communicate the global trends, latest innovations, and best practices that are shaping global development today.

“I see this as an exciting opportunity to provide integrated digital capabilities at scale, and Impact Squared’s mandate as a social enterprise will only be strengthened by joining Dalberg, an organization with a strong social mission,” said Noa Gafni.

Impact Squared has worked with social causes to elevate messages, motivate individuals to act and evaluate impact. From community activation and digital strategy to program assessment, the company’s suite of services to amplify social good initiatives will now be offered through Dalberg Media. Across all its service lines, Impact Squared has engaged millennial change agents through partnerships with networks of young leaders, making it a perfect fit for Dalberg Media. Stig Tackmann, managing partner of Dalberg Media said:

“We are excited to welcome Impact Squared and Noa Gafni into Dalberg Media. Impact Squared brings a set of core capabilities and insights, which not only complements our current project portfolio, but also expands our offerings from execution of media and communication products and effective online platforms to impactful event creation, powerful social media campaigns and stringent qualitative and quantitative evaluation of social impact online.”’

Dalberg Media is part of the Dalberg Group, which works to build a more inclusive and sustainable world where all people, everywhere, can reach their fullest potential. Through its different businesses, Dalberg provides an innovative mix of services across a broad range of development topics. Since its inception in 2001, Dalberg has completed more than 1,100 engagements and worked with over 400 clients, primarily in developing and emerging markets. Dalberg clients include a wide range of communities, governments, and companies.