Impact Investing

We partner with a diverse range of investors and fund managers to maximize the financial and non-financial returns of their investments. We help our clients develop focused investment strategies, robust investment hypotheses, and theories of change. We bridge our client’s objectives with the reality of local contexts, by structuring appropriate instruments and helping to guide effective execution. Our services range from one-off transaction advisory, to ongoing impact investment advisory, to fund structuring to asset management.

Post Covid-19 economic recovery will happen — but will we make it equitable?


COVID-19 recovery must address the unique needs of minority-owned small businesses or risk deepening inequality.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its socioeconomic shockwaves are unprecedented in our lifetimes. Most businesses in the country will be in some way affected, and few are well-positioned to weather the storm. Local, state, and federal governments are mobilizing support, but if benefits are not delivered equitably, polarization and inequality will increase as the crisis progresses — and last long after it has ended.

How development finance leaders can help emerging-market economies survive the COVID-19 crisis

This article originally appeared in the March 30, 2020 edition of Impact Alpha. The original article can be viewed here.


As fast as the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding, leaders of development finance institutions (DFIs) must move faster. 

Layusa Isa-Odidi

Layusa Isa-Odidi is an Associate Partner, leading Dalberg’s presence in Melbourne, Australia. She focuses on strategic planning and financing across the areas of education, employment, agriculture, and gender. 

Gender Lens Investing: Moving Beyond A Trend

Gender lens and gender smart investing has seen tremendous growth in the past several years – in the past year alone, the size of the public and private market has nearly doubled. There is clear investor interest in bringing a gender analysis into financial analysis. Yet despite this growth, some investors still question whether gender lens investing is simply the latest trend that will be set aside in the new year. 

Omidyar & Dutch Good Growth Fund - SGB segmentation study

  • Dalberg developed a segmentation framework of SGBs and formal SMEs in frontier and emerging markets. ​
  • Dalberg conducted a supply- and demand-side literature review, held over 50+ interviews with a variety of financial service providers, including debt, equity, and mezzanine investors, conducted a workshop at Sankalp, and conducted human-centered-design research in Mumbai to better understand how behavioral traits affect external financing needs. ​​

GIIN - West Africa and South Asia Impact Investing market mapping

  • Dalberg created a database of impact investments in India,  segmented investors based on impact intent and measure impact, and co-authored a comprehensive landscape report detailing the key trends and challenges in the sector from the supply-side and demand-side, and in the ecosystem. 
  • The final report was disseminated by the GIIN and Dalberg at various international fora, and is being used as a public resource published on the GIIN website, directed towards financial institutions, impact enterprises, policy-makers, and the general public.

Government of Canada & World Economic Forum - Convergence platform development

  • Dalberg designed and launched Convergence, the world’s first blended finance platform that helps public and private investors connect to execute transactions in emerging and frontier markets.
  • Convergence includes an investor match-making platform, grant funding for the design of innovative new financing products, and knowledge tools to build investors’ understanding and ability to utilize blended finance.

FMO - Evaluation of Accion Frontier Investment Fund (AFIF)

  • Dalberg evaluate FMO’s investment in Accion Frontier Investment Fund (AFIF) at three levels: FMO's investment in AFIF, AFIF's investment into portfolio companies, and the portfolio companies' impact on small businesses. 
  • Dalberg analyzed the landscape of fintech innovations in Mexico, South Africa and India, interviewed key stakeholders to distil key learning, and undertook a quantitative and qualitative survey of end users. 
  • The evaluation will be used by FMO to inform its fintech strategy going forward and to share learnings and impact with the broader audience.

UBSOF – Quality Education India Development Impact Bond


  • Dalberg is working with UBS Optimus Foundation, BAT, MSDF and Tata Trusts on the design and performance management of the “Quality Education India” Development Impact Bond.
  • Dalberg identified the most suitable NGOs, designed the financing model and coordinated different stakeholders.
  • Dalberg designed a performance management framework and will be working with NGOs to diagnose potential challenges in interventions, and is planning to develop recommendations around addressing those challenges. 

Leading Energy Player – Investment opportunity identification

  • Dalberg supported a multi-national oil and gas corporation in identifying investable opportunities in the energy sector in Kenya.
  • Dalberg conducted a landscape opportunities analysis, created a map of relevant stakeholders, prioritized opportunities based on a set of criteria, and developed detailed investment proposals for shortlisted opportunities.