Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

At Dalberg, evaluation goes beyond reporting and accountability to the bigger picture: value creation. Without a focused learning agenda, mistakes are likely to be repeated and efficiencies unrealized; that’s why Dalberg partners with clients, networks, and emerging industries to develop fit for purpose monitoring, evaluation, and learning tools.  We build results measurement strategies, actionable learning agendas, and robust evaluation methodologies; we’ll develop evaluation strategies, lead and coordinate learning agendas, and conduct strategic reviews or rigorous evaluations. 

Identifying Future Leaders of a UN Agency

A leading UN agency found it needed new skill sets in its country representatives. The demands of the roles were changing and representatives faced: a need for greater inter-agency collaboration, lack of continued funding, changes in social and political ideology, and a need for stronger integration of new technology, among other challenges. The agency called on Dalberg to design and run leadership assessment centers to find suitable candidates in a transparent, independent, and objective evaluation process.



Initiative for Smallholder Finance: Smallholder Impact and Risk Metric

The Initiative for Smallholder Finance (ISF) is a multi-donor effort focused on expanding financing for smallholder farmers. ISF recognized that the smallholder agricultural finance sector needed a more coordinated approach to impact measurement to:
• aggregate, demonstrate, and communicate impact within the wider agriculture industry;
• drive internal improvements and risk reduction; and
• help develop infrastructure that increases efficiency and profitability.

Dalberg was hired to create a shared results measurement strategy agenda for ISF.


Naoko Koyama-Blanc

Naoko is a Partner based in Nairobi; advising on strategy, financial planning and management, market analysis, and monitoring and evaluation. She has experience in agri-business, global health, inclusive business models, business start-up strategy, access to finance, trade and investment policy, and financial management.

Matt Frazier

Matt is a Partner in Dalberg’s Washington DC office and an expert in advocacy strategy and implementation. He has worked on projects in health, agriculture, supply chain and procurement, and monitoring and evaluation. 

Prior to joining Dalberg, Matt was Director of Operations at the ONE Campaign, a global advocacy organization, where his portfolio included global strategic planning, project management, and organizational development. He also crafted and implemented ONE’s new advocacy member engagement strategy.

Nirat Bhatnagar

Nirat is a Partner at Dalberg. He leads the firm’s Delhi office and also heads up Dalberg Advisors’ Water and Sanitation practice. He brings rich multi-disciplinary experience in strategy consulting, human-centered design and entrepreneurship. Nirat believes that most social problems in the world are too complex to be solved by any one method, and that value lies at the intersection of disciplines. At Dalberg, his work has involved strategy and design for clients in water and sanitation, financial inclusion, and agriculture.

Wijnand de Wit

Wijnand de Wit is Dalberg Advisors’ Regional Director for Europe, based in Geneva. He also co-leads the firm’s Strategy and Performance practice; advising on strategic planning, organizational transformation, financial management, and performance management. He has extensive experience in areas including global health, technology, and international trade.

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav is Dalberg’s Regional Director for Asia and also leads the firm’s energy practice. He founded Dalberg’s first Asian office in Mumbai, where he is currently based. Under his leadership, the firm has rapidly expanded to Delhi and Singapore and has over 40 full-time consultants engaged in work across Asia. Gaurav works on a wide-ranging set of issues that include energy access, financial inclusion, access to education, and inclusive business strategies.

Devang Vussonji

Devang is a Partner with Dalberg, based in Dar es Salaam. He also leads Dalberg's Education to Employment practice. He advises both public and private sector clients on topics such as youth unemployment, employment readiness, vocational training, primary and secondary education, and innovative financing mechanisms.

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