A competitiveness strategy is not enough. Creating economic growth and social equity requires leadership with a shared vision and an ability to implement a bold change agenda. Dalberg helps countries and regions develop Inclusive Growth programs where all people can benefit from and participate in economic growth. We work closely with local leaders and working groups to build broad political support and an agenda for large firms and entrepreneurs alike.

Leadership, visioning, and change management. Building a shared vision and creating alignment across the private sector, civil society, and the public sector through fact-based facilitation in leadership seminars and working groups.

Competitive analysis. Identifying new product opportunities to diversify the economy and aligning selected industries with firm-level priorities and worker capabilities in order to build social capital and sustained support.

Strategy and investment planning. Developing a strategic plan, public and private investment plans, and a roadmap through a collaborative process in order to identify actionable initiatives.

Market-based solutions to poverty reduction. Identifying opportunities for the poor to participate in all industry initiatives as employees, suppliers, or distributors in the value chain.

Execution through capital, market access, and public investment support. Providing investment and implementation support to mobilize private capital, to encourage global suppliers to source locally, or to get donors and the public sector to make essential public infrastructure investments.

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