Dalberg’s expertise in finance, coupled with our knowledge of development and difficult-to-serve markets, allows us to use our global network of investors and entrepreneurs to grow businesses and improve economic development.

Identifying investment strategies. Providing investors with sector, market, and geographic investment advice and strategies.

Developing innovative financing mechanisms. Transforming markets through innovative financing mechanisms and partnerships. We help our clients affect changes in the market with new financial instruments and the identification of sponsors and partners.

Matching investment capital to entrepreneurs. Using our network to bridge the gap between capital and companies by finding attractive private and social investment opportunities.

Developing market-entry strategies. Creating approaches for bringing new products and services to frontier markets.

Catalyzing underserved sectors. Aggregating our network to bring more global capital into specific underserved investment sectors or geographies.

To learn more about our Access to Finance work, see our insights and case studies or contact:
Wouter Deelder, Geneva
Serena Guarnaschelli, London