What happens at the interview? As part of our interview process, you will be asked to work through a case study with your interviewer. This will give you an example of the types of problems we come across each day and give us a chance to see how you use your consulting skills and knowledge to solve problems. We recognize that each applicant will have a different level of consulting experience but recommend that you practice for the case study prior to your interview.

How should you prepare? We use a very similar format to our counterparts in corporate strategy consulting. We suggest you use the Internet for practice cases and tips on how best to structure your answer. Read through these materials and find a friend with whom you can practice. The interview case study will be very similar in format to these practice cases, but the subject matter will focus on development rather than a business challenge.

What will you need to know? Let your experience working in developing countries and your knowledge of the international arena inform the assumptions you make and the conclusions you reach. Our work is about adapting the typical strategic consulting approach to the realities and complexities of developing countries. During the interview process, we will be assessing your ability to make this leap.

A word of advice. Take the time to read through our website and get a sense for our mission and the type of work we do. Most of our case study questions are pulled directly from our client engagements.